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Entry Level Blogger

Here's a rub for you:

What if your network does not help? Does that mean you have a weak one? You need a bigger one? And where do you draw the line between faithfully using a network as a benefit to both connections and becoming a job-seeking nuisance?

Basically, what I'm saying is that a network is good, but there's gotta be something there to influence the network into giving you a job or helping you get a job. It's not just like one will magically appear to you because you have professional friends, which is, unfortunately, how many "networking gurus" and the like portray a network to be.

job search

Networking is essential to getting a good job. Great article.


Don't forget to check your local unemployment agency as they keep a list of networks like this to help those seeking employment...

Gustafson - my job search notes

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