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So true there are so many misconceptions when it come to making money online with google. I didn't receive my first adsense check until after a1 1/2 years I was with them.

Charlie Plyler

The "making money" niche is getting to be a crowded niche. It seems like there is a new guru each month with the biggest launch of the year each week.

How do a "newbie" know who to follow? My suggestion is to follow your gut before you pull out your wallet. Join the list of a few Internet Marketers and see just what kind of advice they offer. If every email from them is an affiliate offer and there is no other info, you may want to continue your search. There are a lot of good IMs out there. My favorite 4 are Todd Gross, Derrick Van Dyke, JP Schoeffel, and Eric Holmlund. Keith Baxter and Russell Brunson are also high on the my list.


Unfortunately I too didn't receive a check from adsence until about about 6-7 months. Its OK because for me it was a great learning experience. It taught me find other profitable streams of income. And yes those streams are out there.

Bobby Whataman Jackson

Nice Information,...Are there any good forums for people that work-at-home?
Where I can pickup some Article Writing or Content tips

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