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Kristen Hallows

I know I've said this before, but AMEN! My personal favorite was a large insurance company which, when called, would direct you to a certain voicemail box (I know this because I called several times to inquire about something HR-related) that plainly stated in its greeting: "this voicemail box is not maintained on a daily basis." Wow, what world-class service. I wonder how you'll treat me as a CUSTOMER!

job search

Some of what you say is certainly true, but the reality is that there are a hell of a lot of applications that come through the door each and every day, so in the end, someone is bound to be left behind. It's a simple matter of organization and time management, though I will agree that rudeness is completely uncalled for.

Forex Trader - Retired at 43

I read this piece with a smile and growing amusement. It was just this kind of studied corporate indifference that drove me to flee the job hunt funhouse and strike out on my own.

With a little capital to stake me and the same effort I would have put into a career change/job search I learned to trade the currency market and have never looked back.



I heard the national anthem in the background as I read this.
I feel as though the argument that a lot of applications are coming through is not fair to job seekers. Companies that collect resumes over a long period of time, advertise in multiple publications, and use staffing agencies or recruiters in addition to these techniques have a responsibility to deal with the deluge of resumes they receive. If you don't have time to communicate with people applying to the company, don't solicit resumes for eight months!
Great essay though.

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