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Joelle Ware

I understand your concern, but I disagree about providing a false SSN since it delays the screening process. Our company conducts credentials verifications and we require SSN in order to confirm your education or certifications. Many institutions used SSN as your main identifier and they request the SSN (with a signed consent from you) before they will provide information about your education or other credentials.

What you SHOULD recommend to the prospective employer is that they use Verify-ED. We enable our clients (the prospective employer) to enter screening requests WITHOUT an SSN or DOB and our system will generate a link to you (the job candidate) so that you can enter your information directly to us. You also have the option to contact us (or any pre-screening agency) directly so that you understand for what your information is being used. Some of our clients enter searches with dummy SSN information and wait for us to come back to them with the school's requirement for the information - but this only works if the client has time since it delays the process.

You, as the consumer, have every right to request the opportunity to provide SSN and DOB directly to information providers (your schools, certifying institutions, etc.)

If you have any questions about how to manage the usage of your SSN and DOB information for pre-screening, please give us a call (973-954-9545). We will be happy to help!


I recently went to a company (big company) and application asked for my SS# 3 times. I wish I had read your article and written it incorrectly. I don't think the SS# should be provided unless you are offered a job or they are really checking references. I wonder what happens to this paperwork when you are not being considered for the job. From now on I will not put my correct SS# on an application. I remember thinking at this time that this information should not be provided but some employers ask for it on the application.

Susan Joyce

Joelle, I strongly disagree with the whole idea, regardless of the implementation. Elaine's point is absolutely correct. What happens to the paperwork - and that very sensitive information - if the applicant isn't hired?

REQUIRING that an applicant provide their SSN before an interview is just laying the groundwork for all the scammers to come along and harvest information from anxious job seekers.

Requiring SSN's from job seekers in the application process is stupid and should be illegal. The risks for all parties involved are enormous - identity theft as a crime has increased just as online job hunting have increased. That's not coincidence.

Why should any job seeker trust Verify-ED? Never heard of them. They could be another scam. How does Verify-ED protect SSN's? I certainly wouldn't do what you suggested above.

Any employer who requires that a job seeker provide their SSN in the application process is putting up an unnecessary barrier and assuming an enormous risk - as is the job seeker.

If employers are really in a "war for talent" they should be removing barriers to connecting with job seekers not adding them.

Timi Akinyemi

I think what you are doing is great. what do you think about introducing an alternative to job search, I am not saying it's bad, but what about encouraging job searchers to do something on their own. For example, go into internet business or blogging to riches. At least that will keep them busy while they search. It can even earn them some cash.
give this a thought.
Anyway, Keep up the good job.

Steve is allowing a recruiter to post FAKE jobs on their web site for Las Vegas area and Florida areas. Usually the email extension is DBRWorldwide@ something... Do not apply for these positions as they are not real and they just want your information (personal).

Stephen Van Vreede

I agree that more and more companies are asking for this information today. In fact, there is a growing trend that may well be linked to obtaining candidate's social security number at the very beginning of the process. Many companies today are conducting credit checks in addition to or as part of the background check for any prospective employees. I think it is a very questionable practice, particularly considering how anyone reporting to a credit agency can seriously hurt a person's credit score, even with faulty information.

resume templates

great post

Job Search

With all the frad this day in age I would never give up my SSN unless absolutly nessary.


Many jobs I have found require a reas SS# because they need to do a backgroung and Credit Check. A credit check is important for many jobs as they want to protect their assets.


This information should be outsourced to someone with no affiliation to the job. I absolutely agree that your SN should not be given like candy.

Jayna Butler

I do agree and disagree...

Generally, SS# are used to verify information such as education and employment prior to a job offer, however. But with a lot of job postings being scams and illegitimate work at home jobs, people just need to be quite conscious with disclosing confidential information with a potential employer.


I disagree about making something up. I find that quite a few of these sites will accept 000-00-0000. I refuse to give it unless an offer is made. I think there should be a law passed. Remember when merchants asked for a credit card when you wrote a personal check. They are not allowed to do that by law anylonger. Samething should happen with an SSN.


In response to Joelle Ware. I agree once the offer is extended a background must take place. But the argument here is providing it on an application with no guarantee you are the candidate. A company is not going to collect 200 applications for one job and do a background check on all 200 people. They will only do the check on the one extended an offer. Then an SSN can be provided. If I want to fill out a general application say for a Supermarket job on their website I should not be forced to provide my SSN. I don't know who is retrieving it on the other side. I only provide it when offered a job and I provide it in person not online.

Rica | How to Make a Resume

SSN is a very sensitive issue and hence this cannot be disclosed at the initial stage.

Jane | Dubai Jobs

I do agree that nowadays much company has asked information and also verify the information about their accuracy help for recruiters to select right kind people...


I just came across this website. Thank you for starting the discussion. I am an adult in college studying Database systems. I currently have a PT job and have been looking for extra work. Everyone, esp. the national companies, require you to apply online. And you cannot apply without providing you SSN to be stored in their data banks for god knows how long. It doesn't matter what the laws are. I believe if not hired they must dispose of your information in a short period of time. But lets time WalMart for example. The first question they ask you is for your SSN. How many time a day do yo think WalMart gets hacked? Dell themselves said they get hacked "5,000 times a day". Do we really need to trust all these random companies, national or not, to have the skilled workers on hand to protect our information? I've worked in Networking and IT management. I would never trust these guys myself. Thank You. And I hope this message gets read loud and clear.

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